CDN / Content Owners

At Seaborn, we are all about designing, building and operating telecommunications infrastructure that delivers high availability for customers, operational efficiency as an operator and a return on the investment made.

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That doesn’t just apply to the telecoms networks that we build and operate. When it comes to delivering content regionwide the challenges aren’t just geographic. Everything from operating in a new country to importing and staging hardware, establishing all the right local network connections, and then making sure it all hangs together and works becomes ever challenging if you are looking to expand quickly without the logistical and sometimes financial burdens that success can bring.

That’s where we can help. You concentrate on your content and let us make sure the infrastructure and connectivity is in place to get it to the eyeballs you need

This support can range from ensuring you have the right IP connectivity in-region to reach eyeball networks to providing a full turnkey deployment and physical operation of your platform into major data center locations with the transit and peering connections in place to support you. We also provide financing solutions ranging from Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) to revenue share models where all you have to do is focus on the content. We’ll fund and deliver your platform and all the connectivity for an agreed upon share of the revenues you generate.

Don’t let the unknown of a new country or region stop your growth potential. Let us know how we can help you succeed in the Americas, and beyond.