Scalable Transport SeaCloud™

SeaCloud™ – Hyperscale capacity in a “Pay-As-You-Grow” Model

10G and 100G Ports Dedicated Equipment for Hyperscale availability Protected and Unprotected are available Burst up to the guaranteed capacity amount on-demand for a known cost Rapid Deployment in days, not weeks
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From high capacity interfaces to dedicated equipment infrastructure, SeaCloud™ is the Ideal solution when growth is certain but timing isn’t.

Guaranteed bandwidth availability from 10Gb up to multiple terabits across the most secure network connecting the Americas. Commit to a fraction of the total bandwidth available and burst up to the guaranteed amount whenever you need for a known unit cost.

Increase the committed rate whenever you are ready and reduce your total cost of connectivity as you grow.

Don’t let capacity limit your own growth potential!

Download product specification