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Seaborn Networks’ IP Services (AS13786) provides diverse connectivity to our Internet backbone via our subsea cable Seabras-1, connecting Brazil to the U.S. This unique network offers the most direct route with low latency and high reliability.

Seaborn IP Services are offered from multiple POPs in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and the New York City metropolitan area with a bandwidth speed ranging from 1Gbps to 100Gbps.

With that foundation, Seaborn’s IP Services enable reliable and cost-effective Internet connectivity for Telecom Operators, Internet Service Providers, Content Providers and Enterprises.

Seaborn IP Services provide the stability of diversified subsea and terrestrial routes over ring and mesh topologies, 100% underground Brazilian backhaul and minimized points of failure, all of which result in reduced outages, increased security and improved QoS.

IP Service Benefits

  • Industry leading SLAs for an IP Services solution
  • Direct connections to major CDN, OTT and cloud networks, as well as Tier 1 networks globally
  • Improved roundtrip latency POP-to-POP when contrasted with older systems
  • Transmission rates from 1Gbps to 100 Gbps, with burst capabilities
  • Fast activation in the industry offering service delivery in days (not weeks or months)
  • Independently owned and operated 24×7 NOC with a disaster recovery NOC

Service Delivery
Seaborn’s IP Services are available in Brazil at Equinix SP1, SP2, SP3 and SP4, with the specific location selected by customer.

Seaborn IP Transit Service
Highly scaled, well peered and rapidly deployed, Seaborn’s IP Transit Service is built for the most demanding carrier-grade applications and is offered in three tiers to suit the unique needs of network operators, ISPs, and content owners.

Seaborn Remote Peering Service
Guaranteed bandwidth connections to the world’s premier Internet Exchanges, Seaborn’s Remote Peering Service enables rapid deployment into new markets providing direct peering with global content and service providers.

Seaborn Cloud Connect Service
Guaranteed bandwidth connections to your private cloud environment, Seaborn’s Cloud Connect Service delivers dedicated bandwidth to the leading providers of private cloud infrastructure.

Dedicated Internet Access Service
Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) with guaranteed bandwidth backed by stringent SLAs for dedicated internet capacity between your company’s existing Local Area Network (LAN) and the public Internet.

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14 Self Boulevard, Carteret, NJ (for SeaSpeed customers only)1400 Federal Boulevard, Carteret, NJ (for SeaSpeed customers only)800 Secaucus Road, Secaucus, NJ2 Emerson Lane, Secaucus, NJ165 Halsey, Newark, NJ60 Hudson Street, New York, NY111 8th Avenue, New York, NY

Equinix SP1: R.Dr. Miguel Couto, 58, São PauloEquinix SP2: Alameda Araguaia, 3641, São PauloEquinix SP3: Av. Marcos Penteado de Ulhoa Rodrigues, 249, São PauloB3 Data Center (SPA): Rua Ricardo Prudente de Aquino, 85, São Paulo (for SeaSpeed customers only)