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Telx Secures New US Connections to Brazil With Seaborn Networks

abr 18, 2013 | Press Releases

Major Gateways Will Be Available for First Direct Route Between New York Metro Area and São Paulo

NEW YORK, NY–(April 18, 2013) – Telx®, a leading provider of global interconnectivity, cloud enablement services and datacenter solutions, today announced that Seaborn Networks, the developer and operator of the first direct submarine cable between the New York metro area and São Paulo, Seabras-1, is establishing new gateways to Brazil in several of Telx’s NYC metro area facilities. Seabras-1 gateways will operate out of Telx’s soon to be completed flagship facility, NJR3, located within Telx’s fully-owned data center campus in Clifton, NJ, along with Telx’s NYC1 facility at 60 Hudson Street and NYC2 facility at 111 8th Avenue, both in New York City.

“Partnering with Telx in the New York metro area increases our ability to offer widespread access to our US – Brazil network from the major points of presence in New York and New Jersey when Seabras-1 enters service in Q1 of 2015,” said Larry Schwartz, CEO of Seaborn Networks. “Telx’s datacenters provide us with high performance connectivity to a broad selection of telecommunications carriers in major market locations.”

The direct route between São Paulo and the New York metro area offers numerous advantages for Telx customers:

  • Lower costs for customers – By bundling backhaul into major points of presence (POPs), Seabras-1 will provide improved access to onward connectivity to key IP hubs, data centers and POPs throughout North America.
  • Lower latency between the financial and commercial centers of the US and Brazil – Latency for the New York – São Paulo route is engineered at 104ms for POP to POP service.
  • Easy onward connectivity to rest of world – Telx’s prime locations within the New York metro area serve as a valuable international gateway for Seaborn Networks to Europe, the Middle East and Africa via trans- Atlantic cables, and enables high speed routes to the west coast of the US to connect to Asia via trans-Pacific cables.
  • More reliable network architecture than existing US – Brazil systems. With no interim landings on the subsea route, Seabras-1 will maintain a lower number of active system elements, thereby reducing the probability of system failure. Competing systems have more than 2.3X the number of active elements in delivering a single wavelength service.

“Telx can offer a unique combination of accessibility, scalability and location for the long-term growth of Seaborn Networks’ US – Brazil submarine cable system,” said Eric Shepcaro, CEO of Telx. “We are proud to assist Seaborn Networks as Seabras-1 is deployed to provide the first direct route between New York and São Paulo.”
The announcement is another milestone for Telx’s soon to be completed flagship facility, NJR3, scheduled to open in June 2013. Like all of Telx datacenters, NJR3 is a managed, carrier-neutral, secure environment for enterprises, digital media and bio-pharm companies, financial services, network providers and carriers.