Next Generation Technology in today’s Network for the Americas


The only direct submarine cable system connecting the commercial centers of Brazil and the USA.

Scale and Speed

Directly connecting the economic centers of Brazil and the US, Seabras-1 combines scale with the speed of latency only available on a system with no interim landing points. Built to deliver hyperscale bandwidth, high availability and the lowest latency on a subsea route, Seabras-1 provides resilience on a subsea level with fully diversified terrestrial connections to the most important telecom hubs in Southern Brazil and the North East of the US.

With 7 branching units for future expansion, deploying Seabras-1’s huge capacity capabilities to other much needed regions of the Americas is just a connection away.

Together with our AMX-1 subsea system, Seabras-1 underpins our commitment to quality, latency and ease of connection for our full range of Transport & Carrier Ethernet Capacity products along with our industry leading IP Network.