Available as 1Gb, 10Gb or 100Gb with OTU or Ethernet interfaces (GigE), Seaborn’s Wavelength Service leads the industry in delivering high capacity, high availability connectivity to customers with ever changing bandwidth needs.

1G, 10G and 100G Ports Protected and Unprotected are available Rapid Deployment in days, not weeks
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With delivery available across multiple subsea cable systems, Protected and unprotected services are available across the entire network with the added option for protected optical interfaces when guaranteed delivery of your data is absolutely required.

POP to POP delivery within days combined with off-net connectivity to a variety of third-party networks in Brazil, the USA and beyond raises the bar on service delivery.

Industry leading SLA’s across the most reliable POP to POP network in the region, combined with automatic service credits in the highly unlikely event of a disruption transforms the meaning of ‘Quality of Service’ for the industry.

Download product specification