Network Design Services

At Seaborn, we are all about designing, building and operating telecommunications infrastructure that delivers high availability for customers, operational efficiency as an operator and a return on the investment made.

Network Design Financing Solutions Vendor Selection Construction Management Service Implementation Network Operation

This is not only what we do well today, but is something we’ve been doing for many years in the subsea and terrestrial world of fiber networks. Our internal team of engineering and operational experts have more experience in deploying and operating subsea networks than pretty much any team in existence today, with a combined involvement in over 250,000km of subsea fiber cable alone. Add to that the number of cable landing stations, data centers and terrestrial networks that we have implemented and operated and it’s quite a story.

We are part of an industry that helps connect the world, and we can help you make important and sometimes critical infrastructure improvements. We design, construct and operate projects and also help develop funding strategies or provide direct funding.

Most importantly, we deliver projects on time and on budget.

We can help you from concept to construct to realization of that goal.