Remote Peering / Cloud Connect

For local Network Operators and ISP’s looking to differentiate their own service from the competition, guaranteed bandwidth connections to the world’s premier Internet Exchanges is available through our Remote Peering service. We enable you to enjoy rapid deployment into new markets, providing direct peering with global content and service providers.

1G, 10G and 100G Ports Full and Burst port availability Protected and Unprotected service available Rapid Deployment in days, not weeks
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For content owners and distributors, our Remote Peering service delivers your content directly into the local IX’s that your customers are connected to, improving latency and quality of service while reducing your delivery costs.

Cloud Connect

With the move away from fixed infrastructure, the reliance on applications and data repositories in the cloud is more important to customers now than ever before. Seaborn’s Cloud Connect service provides a guaranteed bandwidth connection to your instance with the leading private cloud providers, be it in-region or international.

Both Remote Peering and Cloud Connect provide an excellent addition to our IP Transit service as well as being individually available.

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