Ultra-Low Latency SeaSpeed™

SeaSpeed™ – the fastest, most secure route to Brazil

1G or 10G Ports Latency Matched Fully Protected Brazil Terrestrial Network 3 Tiers
Tier 1 - 105.08ms
Tier 2 - 106.05ms
Tier 3 - 106.54ms
Rapid Deployment in days, not weeks
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Only Seaborn provides SeaSpeed™ on Seabras-1 to the financial vertical: the lowest latency, high availability route between the trading exchanges of New Jersey and São Paulo (B3 SPA). SeaSpeed™ is offered via dedicated capacity interfaces from B3 (SPA) to the Carteret POP in 1400 Federal with onward connectivity available to Equinix’s NY4 POP in New Jersey and SP3 POP in São Paulo.

Lowest Latency

All 3 SeaSpeed™ tiers are faster than any currently available high availability fiber service, including all other services on Seabras-1.

Security & Reliability

Seabras-1 is designed to connect the commercial and financial centers of Brazil and the US. With 100% of the Brazilian terrestrial network buried and protected with latency-matched diverse terrestrial routes in Brazil, SeaSpeed™  delivers maximum performance and reliability.

On-Net Locations

1400 Federal Boulevard, Carteret
Equinix Secaucus Campus
(NY2, NY4, NY5, NY6)

B3 Data Center (SPA),
Rua Ricardo Prudentede Aquino,
85, Santana de Parnaíba
Equinix SP3 Data Center

Download product specification