Seaborn Networks

Lin Gentemann

Vice President, Legal

Lin brings over 20 years of experience working in the international telecom sector to her responsibilities as Vice President, Legal for Seaborn. Her experience includes supporting the legal and regulatory needs of the people and companies’ financing, building and operating the physical networks, systems and services that deliver communications to our world today.

Lin is the former Chief Legal Counsel for LinkBermuda, an Island-based international service provider, and 360networks Inc., a thriving global telecom network and service company that successfully navigated the last dotcom meltdown bankruptcy challenges to emerge operationally debt free with valuable network assets.

She was previously General Counsel at GlobeNet, a Bermuda-based telecom company that fell the Island’s 100-year international services monopoly by launching transoceanic submarine cable systems connecting it with the US, Brazil and Venezuela. Lin began her career in telecoms in Washington, DC at the innovative upstart MCI Communications and the offices of Jones Day, a leading global law firm.