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Vero Internet Partners with Seaborn for International Traffic


Boston, Mass. – February 3, 2021 – Seaborn Networks (“Seaborn”), a leading developer-owner-operator of submarine fiber optic cable systems, has been selected by Vero Internet as their international traffic partner for two new point of presences (PoPs) in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Both PoPs are part of Vero Internet’s new CORE IP and are responsible for connections with submarine cable operators and the exchange of traffic of data with national and international content generators.

“We are pleased to choose Seaborn to meet the demand for international content in both cities”, states José Felipe Ruppenthal, Director of Engieniering at Vero Internet. “We choose to connect directly with a submarine cable operator like Seaborn so that we have an international interconnection that delivers higher-quality content with low latency and, consequently, improve our customers’ browsing experience.”

Today, Vero Internet is connected to the Seabras-1 submarine cable that connects Brazil to the USA with the lowest latency in the market, which provides a great competitive advantage for the customers.

“For us, it was an important step to close this partnership with Vero Internet,” comments Michel Marcelino, Senior Vice President of Seaborn for Latin America. “We have worked very closely with Vero Internet’s traffic engineering team to develop a unique international content solution through our SEABRAS-1 system to provide their customers with the best experience possible”.

In 2021, Vero Internet will duplicate the CORE IP in two other data centers in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and will create new IP routing centers in the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Paraná, expanding the strategic partnership with Seaborn to the south of Brazil.

Vero Internet is an alternative, fast growing Internet Service Provider with approximately 350,000 subscribers and market leader in 96 cities in the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Paraná and Minas Gerais. By 2023 the operator, controlled by Vinci Partners, plans to serve 200 municipalities by investing over R$ 750 million on network expansion, acquisitions and digital transformation.


About Seaborn
Seaborn addresses global communications needs across the Americas delivering wavelength, Ethernet private line and IP services. Unique among independent cable operators, Seaborn fully operates and maintains its submarine and terrestrial cable infrastructure. POPs, terrestrial backhaul, landing stations and subsea cable are all under Seaborn’s control. The Seaborn management team has designed, built, and operated more subsea cable systems than any other telecom management team including over 75 landing stations, 250 global POPs, and 250,000 km of subsea fiber optic cable. Visit for more information or follow us on LinkedIn.

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About Vero Internet
Vero is a Brazilian telecom company focused in FTTH and formed by the merger of internet service providers led by Vinci Partners. Currently, the company serves 96 cities in the interior of Minas Gerais, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul and Paraná, with a plan to reach more than 200 municipalities by 2023, with a customer oriented culture, ensuring best in class service, with agile and uncomplicated mindset.

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Posted on 3rd February 2021

About Seaborn

Seaborn atends global communications needs in the Americas, providing Transport, Ethernet Private Line and IP services. Unique among independent cable operators, Seaborn fully operates and maintains its subsea and land-based cable infrastructure. POPs, Terrestrial Backhaul and Cable Landing Station of submarine cables are owned by Seaborn. Seaborn’s team has designed, built and operated more submarine cable systems than any other telecommunications team, including more than 75 Cable Landing Stations, 250 global POPs and 250,000 km of submarine fiber optic cables. Visit for more information or follow us on LinkedIn.

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