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Brazilian National Service Provider Eletronet Selects Seaborn’s Seabras-1 to provide Dedicated Internet Access in Brazil


São Paulo, Brazil – April 4, 2018. Eletronet, Brazil’s national service provider, today announced that it has selected Seaborn Networks and its international submarine fiber-optic cable system, Seabras-1, to provide Tier 1 Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) in Brazil. Seaborn’s Seabras-1 solution also provides dedicated international capacity ensuring the most reliable customer experience while avoiding the problems associated with shared traffic that is often an issue for international IP in Brazil.

“We are extremely pleased to have this Tier 1 IP solution from Seaborn,” said Anderson Mendes Jacopetti, Eletronet’s Chief Technology Officer. “Because Seaborn owns and operates one of Brazil’s newest and most direct international submarine backbones and also has all- underground metro and backhaul fiber networks in Brazil, these factors further enhance the reliability of Seaborn’s Dedicated Internet Access solution.”

“We are grateful to have been selected to provide Dedicated Internet Access to Eletronet, as it is the largest provider of transport connectivity in Brazil,” said Larry Schwartz, Seaborn’s Chairman & CEO. “The Eletronet-Seaborn partnership reflects the culmination of a long- standing strong relationship between the two companies.”

Seaborn Network’s Seabras-1 system is a lower-latency submarine fiber optic route that offers the only direct path between New York and São Paulo. As a platform, Seaborn’s Seabras-1 provides Eletronet with a global footprint of dedicated high-speed IP services and burst capabilities, with direct interconnects to all major content delivery networks, content providers and cloud networks, as well as all Tier 1 networks globally.

Eletronet has 155 Points of Presence (PoPs) and 16,000km of fiber capacity, providing wavelength and Ethernet services to Internet Service Providers throughout Brazil. With Seaborn’s Seabras-1 DIA, Eletronet now has the ability to deliver IP transit services globally to its customers on a newer, more reliable and faster route than ever before.

About Eletronet
Eletronet has a national OPGW-based fiber optic network with 16,000km and 155 POPs in 18 States of Brazil, integrated to the transmission networks of electric energy. Through this structure of high capacity and availability, telecommunication services with high levels of quality are provided. Eletronet offers high-speed, long-distance telecommunications services to telecommunications operators and internet service providers (ISP). Eletronet is changing the game of the Brazilian Telecommunications Market!

About Seaborn Networks
Seaborn Networks is a leading developer-owner-operator of submarine fiber optic cable systems, including Seabras-1 between São Paulo – New York, ARBR between São Paulo – Buenos Aires and SABR between Brazil – Cape Town, South Africa. Seabras-1 is the only direct POP-to- POP network between São Paulo and New York. For more information, please visit

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Posted on 4th April 2018

About Seaborn

Seaborn atends global communications needs in the Americas, providing Transport, Ethernet Private Line and IP services. Unique among independent cable operators, Seaborn fully operates and maintains its subsea and land-based cable infrastructure. POPs, Terrestrial Backhaul and Cable Landing Station of submarine cables are owned by Seaborn. Seaborn’s team has designed, built and operated more submarine cable systems than any other telecommunications team, including more than 75 Cable Landing Stations, 250 global POPs and 250,000 km of submarine fiber optic cables. Visit for more information or follow us on LinkedIn.

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Kai Honda, Manager of Sales Operations and Marketing