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Seaborn Networks to offer direct route between New York City and São Paulo


Seabras-1 to enable lower latency route, improved onward connectivity and greater network reliability

Boston, MA – July 30, 2012 – Seaborn Networks announced today that, in response to significant customer demand, its Seabras-1 submarine cable will now provide the first-ever direct route between the commercial and financial centers of Brazil and the United States.

Seabras-1’s new landing in the New York metropolitan area will connect directly to the landing in São Paulo. Seabras-1 will continue to have a branching unit that lands in Fortaleza, Brazil.

Seaborn Networks will provide capacity on a POP to POP basis, and also plans to continue to make available a route from all three of its landings to the NAP of the Americas and other POPs in Miami.

The direct São Paulo – New York route offers numerous advantages:

“The decision to land in the New York metropolitan area instead of Miami is in response to significant customer demand,” said Larry Schwartz, Seaborn Networks’ Chief Executive Officer. “By offering improvements to latency, onward connectivity and reliability, Seabras- 1 is a compelling choice for carriers, content providers, governments and others that value a direct, low latency route between the commercial and financial centers of Brazil and the United States.”

Posted on 30th July 2012

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